country cottage door wreath

Hanging a wreath on your front door wasn’t an obvious exterior design choice for many households around 2013-14, in the UK.

It was still very much an American tradition that hadn’t really caught on across the pond.

But in recent times, year on year in fact, the demand for door wreaths has really gathered momentum.

We probably have Instagram to thank for that.

A quick search on Google Trends for ‘Christmas Wreath’ shows, as a nation, how we love to decorate our front doors now.

Walking through villages, towns and cities around Christmas, it’s rare to see a door without a wreath proudly on display.

1000s of people across the UK are searching for wreaths on Google every month.

There are wreaths for spring, summer, autumn and winter in many different styles and sizes.

At, our articles showcase the best wreaths to buy for every occasion. We’ve partnered with select retailers to highlight our favourite wreaths for the year ahead.

At some point, we’ll also be looking to sell our own wreaths when all the logistics have been sorted. Watch this space.