13 Therapeutic Faux Eucalyptus Wreaths – Calming Home Décor

The healing power of eucalyptus – for health & home

The healing power of eucalyptus, native to Australia, can be traced back a long way to the Aboriginals. The name ‘eucalyptus’, beautiful in itself, comes from the Greek words ‘eu’ (beautiful) and ‘kalyptos’ (hat). 

Eucalyptus leaves are associated with calmness and purifying energy. Negative energy is said to vanish where you burn a eucalyptus leaf.

There are almost 700 different varieties of eucalyptus. Indoors, eucalyptus plants stay compact and are often used decoratively. Apparently they help keep flies away. Pest control and beauty, what a juxtaposition!

Having faux eucalyptus (available at Cox & Cox) in vases around the house is becoming a big interior design trend. Dunelm do a good range of artificial eucalyptus plants too.

Google searches for fresh and faux eucalyptus wreaths pick up between October – December suggesting some element of seasonality.

Eucalyptus wreaths are also bought for wedding decoration.

Eucalyptus trees, eucalyptus candles, eucalyptus spray, garlands and flowers are now becoming real statement pieces in our homes.

6 health benefits of eucalyptus essential oils 

Eucalyptus essential oils create a citrus uplifting aroma to improve your mood.

  • They purify and soothe your body, helping to improve your mental focus and energy levels.
  • They help clear sinus congestion from coughs and colds.
  • They provide headache relief.
  • Their anti-inflammatory properties are said to help clear acne and blemished skin.
  • They help boost your immune system and support your respiratory system.
  • They help with muscle soreness, aches and stiffness and assist with improved blood flow and circulation around the body.

Not On The High Street Eucalyptus Wreaths

Not On The High Street have a strong selection of elegant eucalyptus wreaths, handcrafted from artisan makers across the UK.

They also sell over 200 items within their eucalyptus range including garlands, stems/branches, bouquets and beauty products.

These wreaths from the collection make the shortlist.

50cm Red Berry & Eucalyptus Wreath

All Things Brighton Beautiful

Red Berry and Eucalyptus Wreath

Beautiful large artificial eucalyptus wreath with red berries. 

Full of green foliage and ruby colour with classic round emerald green eucalyptus leaves. 

This wreath portrays a realistic look all year-round, not just for Christmas.

Free UK delivery. Artificial Red Berry & Eucalyptus Wreath. £39.95.


46cm Black Metal Eucalyptus Wreath

Idyll Home

Black Eucalyptus Wreath

For modern homes, this black metal eucalyptus wreath would be a stunning addition, any time of the year.

From House Doctor but sold through Idyll Home on Not On The High Street, the pretty contemporary leaves are a bold statement but one we absolutely love. Especially since dark interiors and rooms are really on-trend right now.

Hang on your front door or position on a table. You could also hang the eucalyptus wreath on a wall or door inside.

Free UK delivery. Black Metal Eucalyptus Wreath. £59.


24cm Eucalyptus And Pink Ranunculus Wreath

Bunting & Barrow

Eucalyptus And Pink Ranunculus Wreath

Small faux eucalyptus wreath made with pretty pale pink silk Ranunculus flowers, pearls and ivory ribbons.

If you want a wreath that has simple beauty and a minimalist look, this is the one for you. 

£4.95 standard UK delivery. Eucalyptus and Pink Ranunculus Wreath. £30.


40cm Purple Ranunculus & Eucalyptus Wreath

Bunting & Barrow

purple ranunculus and eucalyptus flower wreath

Made in Britain from white willow, silk flowers and faux foliage, this artificial eucalyptus wreath is accompanied by faux Ranunculus flowers in deep purple, ivory and pink colours.

The willow base has been trimmed with lace to create an attractive focal point beyond the flowers.

Hang on your front door or inside your home.

This wreath is also available to buy with red roses instead of Ranunculus.

Bunting & Barrow sell a heart shaped eucalyptus wreath too.

£4.95 standard UK delivery. Ranunculus & Eucalyptus Wreath. £40.


60cm and 39cm Star Wreath with Eucalyptus & LED Lights

Ella James

star shape eucalyptus wreath with led lights

Make a statement on your walls, doors or windows with decorative black metal star shaped wreaths featuring faux eucalyptus leaves and micro LED lights.

Select your size with small (39cm) and large (60cm) available.

You can also purchase as a set of two because they look so smart together as a pair.

£3.75 standard UK delivery. Star Shaped Eucalyptus Wreath. Small £29 / Large £39.


55cm White Peony & Eucalyptus Wreath

Ella James

white peony, pine cones and eucalyptus wreath spring autumn winter christmas

Advertised as a Christmas wreath, especially if you’re going for the ‘Scandi’ look, there’s no reason why you can’t hang it on your front door every month of the year.

This large artificial eucalyptus wreath is handmade with natural tones.

A traditional round shape, accompanied with lovely faux white peony flowers, purple berries and forest pine cones.

£3.75 standard UK delivery. White Peony & Eucalyptus Wreath. £79.


Amazon Eucalyptus Wreaths

There’s a small selection of eucalyptus wreaths on Amazon. All artificial wreaths, most look a bit cheap and tacky if we’re honest and therefore haven’t made our shortlist. However one stood out as a wreath we’d have no problems putting on display. For that reason, it features here.

56cm Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath


artificial faux eucalyptus wreath amazon

Large artificial eucalyptus wreath suitable for hanging on your front door, walls and windows.

Eucalyptus is also often used at weddings so we’d also recommend it for wedding party décor.

Circular in style with real looking eucalyptus leaves made with silk to add a touch of nature into your home environment.

The seller suggests keeping it out of direct sunlight and rainfall. 

Free delivery. Amazon Prime. Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath. £22-26.


eBay Eucalyptus Wreaths

You might think eBay is an auction site with items sold second hand by homeowners.

But actually, many businesses sell on there like they do on Amazon. Lots of artisan wreath makers too.

Search eucalyptus wreath on eBay and filter on ‘buy now’ (rather than entering an auction) and location is UK.

That brings up over 1,700 results although there’s a mix of eucalyptus garlands and other items in there too.

These are the two standout wreaths, by the same maker.

30cm Eucalyptus, Hydrangea, Rose & Waxflower Wreath

Wonder & Whimsy

Eucalyptus Hydrangea Rose Waxflower Floral Wreath

Handmade gorgeous round floral wreath with light pink faux roses, hydrangeas, crown flowers, waxflower and, of course, our friend eucalyptus.

Made on a 30cm Grapevine wreath base. You can place it in any location around the home for a stunning display.

Free delivery. Pink Roses & Eucalyptus Wreath. £50.40.


30cm Rose, Hydrangea, Eucalyptus & Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Wonder & Whimsy

Pink Yellow Rose Hydrangea Berry Eucalyptus Lamb's Ear Floral Door Wreath Decor

Another beautiful wreath from Wonder & Whimsy featuring faux mauve pink roses, yellow roses, hydrangea, eucalyptus and lamb’s ear foliage. Bound to be the talk of the house whenever you receive guests.

Made on a 30cm Grapevine wreath base. You can place it in any location around the home for a stunning display.

Eucalyptus isn’t the star of the show but is clearly visible all around.

Lovely blush pink/mauve, yellow and lilac hues that make this floral wreath the perfect spring wreath and summer wreath.

Free delivery. Colourful Roses & Eucalyptus Wreath. £46.40.


Dunelm Eucalyptus Wreaths

32cm Green Eucalyptus Wreath

faux green eucalyptus wreath dunelm

Faux green eucalyptus wreath from Dunelm, made with plastic, polyester, wire and lightly dusted in glitter.

We can picture this wreath hanging indoors on an internal door or wall. 

Dunelm identify it as a seasonal item for Christmas so it might only be in-stock around Christmas time. Worth checking though.

Click & Collect only. Green Eucalyptus Wreath. £20.


Lights4Fun Eucalyptus Wreaths with Lights

Lights4Fun have faux eucalyptus wreaths and eucalyptus garlands that tend to come in-stock around November and December.

50cm Eucalyptus & Laurel Christmas Wreath

Mixed Foliage Christmas Wreath

A festive eucalyptus wreath with soft laurel leaves, silver eucalyptus leaves and natural linen bow.

This green wreath looks great as it is but you might want to twirl some seasonal fairy lights around the faux leaves. Either simple LED fairy lights for a soft glow or Christmas themed lights for added festive cheer. 

The micro light bundle comes with wreath & warm fairy lights included.

“Great value for money and quick delivery. Although I am not a fan of fake flowers, foliage etc, these are really lovely – very happy customer.”

Standard delivery £2.99. Free delivery over £40. Eucalyptus & Laurel Christmas Wreath. £39.99.


50cm Eucalyptus & White Berry Christmas Wreath – Micro Light Bundle

Eucalyptus & White Berry Christmas Wreath Micro Light Bundle

A festive favourite that looks super stylish with a traditional circle shape.

With faux eucalyptus leaves of varying shades and white berries, completed with 50 warm micro fairy lights.   

Use around the home, Christmas after Christmas. Durable and built to last.

Standard delivery £2.99. Free delivery over £40. Eucalyptus & White Berry Christmas Wreath. £69.99.


35cm Eucalyptus Christmas Half Wreath – Micro Light Bundle

35cm Eucalyptus Christmas Half Wreath Micro Light Bundle

Really sweet, cute eucalyptus indoor wreath with micro lights. 

Featuring eucalyptus and blueberries on exposed wire for a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

Easy to hang on a door, any wall or in your window with the rope element which also adds a rustic element to the design.

Standard delivery £2.99. Free delivery over £40. Eucalyptus Christmas Half Wreath. £21.99.


Eucalyptus Flowers

Flower Station

We love eucalyptus and no doubt you do too.

So why not buy some beautiful eucalyptus flowers as-well-as a wreath?

Flower Station sell some lovely eucalyptus flower bouquets to brighten up any room with an air of calm tranquil energy.

Dreaming Of Sea

Blue Hydrangea, classic white roses and striped lisianthus. Wrapped on eucalyptus and waxflower stems

Blue Hydrangea, classic white roses and striped lisianthus. Wrapped on eucalyptus and waxflower stems. 


Roses Delight 

roses and eucalyptus flower bouquet

Four different colour roses are available – white, pink, orange and red. A big bunch of roses and eucalyptus cinerea.


Winter Wonderland

white anemones, globe artichoke flowers, brunia as well as rosemary and eucalyptus foliages with dries fruit and cinnamon sticks

A winter wonderland basket with white anemones, globe artichoke, brunia, rosemary and eucalyptus. Dried fruit and cinnamon sticks too.


Wreath Hangers

Personalised Wreath Hanger

Don’t forget to shop for a wreath hanger when buying your wreath.

Not On The High Street have a fantastic selection of wreath hangers including personalised options.

Alternatively, take a look at wreath hangers on Amazon.


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