Flower Wreaths

Artificial flower wreaths and real flower wreaths incorporate floral designs to great effect.

Roses, hydrangea, pussy willow, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, lavender… any flower can be entwined onto the wreath base to create a really beautiful design.

Dried flowers are really on-trend at the moment. We’ve seen some incredible dried flower wreaths full of golden shades, browns and deep reds.

They’re perfect for spring and autumn home décor.

Autumn wreaths will display autumnal leaves, acorns, wheat, Amaranthus and dried ferns.

Wedding wreaths tend to use floral elements such as roses. Dried flowers are a great choice for a boho themed wedding.

Christmas wreaths will showcase red berries, holly, dainty myrtle, eucalyptus, fir and pine cones.

Eucalyptus wreaths are really popular now. They’re one of the ‘prettier’ plants that add elegance and tranquillity. Their colours are superb, especially the blue and silver shades.

Flower wreaths can be hung indoors on a wall or door, or outside on your front door or on a gate.

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